It was aptly said that music is the medicine for broken hearts. No matter how practical and analytical you are, music will touch your heart removing all the obstacles of logic. Have you ever felt how a certain track reminds you of a particular incident, or a special someone? Have you ever asked yourself why Careless Whisper makes you cry? Summer of 69 reminds you of your school days? Yes, music is much more powerful than we can imagine. Music can make us laugh and cry and remind us of our past, can make a moment special with its magical touch, even a certain melody can take us to a flashback tour. There are songs which remain very close to our hearts through out our lives, is not it?

No wonder music will be able to elevate your spirit while you are feeling blue, no matter how bad you feel. You can actually get over stress, depression and anxiety with the help of music. Could you ever imagine that music can heal a number of physical and mental problems? There are specific illnesses and conditions, like stress, chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, smoking, cardiovascular illnesses, post-traumatic-stress syndrome, panic disorder/anxiety, overweight, anorexia, bulimia, depression, low self-esteem, stress, creative or emotional blocks, anger, fear, sadness, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, inner child processing (adults), stress and insomnia for the pregnant woman, anxiety and pain during birth, colic and anxiety in the newborn infant, breastfeeding, emotional armor, conflicts, infertility, cancer, anger, AIDS, infection, fear, lack of self-respect, immune system suppression, scleroderma, frustration, individual transformational music, self-reflection, heightened awareness, relaxation, and inspiration.

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